Residential Security


Residential Security

All Cities Security understands the importance of protecting homes and the people within. We offer comprehensive residential security services throughout Southern California, all tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need private security for a hilltop estate home, a high rise condominium, a gated community, or a single family home, we are committed to keeping you and your loved ones safe and your property secure.

Using a customized, blended approach, we assess your home’s existing security before recommending a solution. Some of the services we may recommend include:

Video surveillance
24-hour monitoring and alarm response.
Apartment/condo/neighborhood patrol service
Physical security (gates, reinforced doors, deadbolts, etc)
Onsite security guards
Onsite security dogs

As no two families are alike, the same is true of each family’s security needs. Whether you’re concerned about gang activity, securing your multimillion dollar home, executive protection or residential security due to your profile status, we can create a residential security plan to match your unique needs and bring you peace of mind.

We understand the concerns Southern California residents may have regarding personal safety.

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