The “All Cities” Security Difference

Why Choose us

The All Cities Approach to Security Services:

Over many years of security services industry experience, All Cities founders have recognized that there is one key element in security service operations that has a dominant impact on the realquality of the security services delivered, and the resulting client satisfaction or dissatisfaction. “This key factor is the quality of our security officer force” From the top managers to the front line supervisor our security firm’s focus is on our guards.

We have learned that, while a client’s desire to change providers can be driven by many factors, clients who are highly satisfied with the performance of the officers assigned to their facility are rarely motivated to seek a new security service provider.  We are also well aware that, if the quality of security officers coming on board declines, management begins to spend a disproportionate amount of time reactively fixing negatives – leaving less time for pro-actively building positives.  Consequently, we have designed our company systems to assure a high degree of quality and stability in our security officer force.

Most security companies make claims about the superiority of their officers, but few such firms can point to tangible elements within their operating systems that make their employees better than those of their competitors.  We believe that All Cities is an exception.

We are also convinced that the All Cities approach is more efficient economically, and that higher quality service does not necessarily entail higher costs.  Based on our personal experience, we believe that fixing problems, rebuilding client confidence and replacing lost accounts is more time consuming and costly than obtaining top quality people in the first place. We focus on training and motivating our employees to stay with the company, resulting in client and employee satisfaction.