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Armed Security

According to the FBI, one burglary occurs every 12 seconds. As the clock continues ticking, one assault occurs every 29 seconds while one robbery takes place every 54 seconds. Every five minutes, someone is raped while every 24 minutes someone is murdered. In a single hour, that’s 300 burglaries, 124 assaults, 66 robberies, 12 rapes, and two murders.
Don’t become a statistic – partner with All Cities Private Security Services.

All Cities Private Security Services employs armed security guards and off-duty law enforcement officers of the highest caliber. Our armed security teams are equipped with the skills and weapons required to secure and protect high value, high risk properties.

Is Armed Security the Right Choice?

While financial institutions, museums, casinos, and jewelry stores almost always require an armed security, we evaluate your location and facility, asses its risks and vulnerabilities, to determine and suggest the most appropriate level of security that would be best for your location.

Because each situation is unique, we follow a comprehensive transition planning process consisting of the following components: 

Assess facility and operations to determine security risks, vulnerabilities, and needs
Conduct security, site, and safety surveys
Develop Post Orders detailing security officer duties and training requirements
Provide classroom orientation and screening
Provide onsite training for security officers and supervisors
Periodically test officer knowledge

As with all of our security services, our armed security action plan is customized to address your specific security needs.

Our Armed Security Officers

All Cities Security armed security officers have extensive firearms experience, training, and are licensed to carry a weapon. In addition to required marksmanship skills, private armed security officers must have a calm temperament and a thorough understanding of your facility’s vulnerabilities.

Some situations demand nothing less than armed security. Whether you need to protect valuables or people, you can count on us for professional armed security services.