What is the difference between a security agency and a security company?
Security agencies are governmental organizations that conduct intelligence activities for a nation's security such as the FBI and Department of Homeland Security. Security companies are private organizations that provide security and protection services to other companies and individuals.

Armed vs. Unarmed Security – Which should I choose?
It depends on the situation and setting. For example, if you need a security guard to guard a private community recreation center and check in residents, an unarmed guard is most likely an appropriate choice due to the nature of the assignment. On the other hand, if you operate a jewelry store or bank or will be hosting an event with high profile individuals in attendance, armed guards will likely be needed. Fortunately, you don't have to make the choice on your own. All Cities Private Security Services consultants can help you make an informed decision based on actual threats, risks, and vulnerabilities.

How much training do Los Angeles security guards need?
Los Angeles security guards are licensed by the State of California which requires the following:
• Age 18 or older
• Criminal history background check
• 40 hours of required training

The first 8 hours of training must be completed prior to being assigned to a post with 16 hours completed in within the first 30 days and the final 16 hours completed within 6 months.

Do your security officers wear uniforms?
Yes. Uniformed security officers are available. We also offer plainclothes officers if required.

How many security officers will be assigned to our facility?
It depends on the nature of the assignment, the size of the facility, and other factors. We work closely with you to assess your security needs and develop a detailed security plan complete with appropriate staffing levels.

Will the same security guards be assigned to the post each day?
Again, it depends on the nature of the assignment and your preferences. In general, for long-term assignments, you'll see many of the same officers day in, day out. We do occasionally rotate officers to ensure that multiple officers are familiar with each post and can fill in or respond as needed.

Can I request a specific security officer?
If you've previously worked with All Cities Private Security Services and prefer a specific security officer, we'll be happy to honor your request if the officer is available.

Do your security officers have the power to arrest?
Yes. Our security officers undergo specific training related to the laws of arrest and have the power to make arrests and detain individuals in incidents that occur on your premises.

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